Thursday, November 10, 2016

Celebrating 30 Years of Academic Excellence

Three decades is a significant for the then five-year-old kid to turn into a complete citizen by completing academics and settling down in a career and the family life as well. The educational institution that provided the primary and secondary schooling to the kid too can become a ‘complete’ institution in the span, provided it has the visionary management, hardworking employment and parents and children who can develop a strong personal bondage with the establishment. Nevertheless to say that Subha Niketan, a CBSE school from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, has all these qualities. By the time its first batch of students settled down well in their professional and personal lives and became complete citizens, the then small school metamorphosed into a complete and one of most reputed educational institutions in the coastal region.

Similar to the beginning of any other outstanding establishments of today, the beginning of Subha Niketan too was quite humble. It was all started with a single classroom, single teacher and single student!  At a time when education in the private sector was not to well-versed with the public, the new school became a cynosure of all eyes within no time. The school grew up along with the first batch of its students. Which means, by the time the first batch of students completed their class X, the school had 10 classes, besides equipping with library, laboratory, playground and other facilities.

The strong foundation has helped the institution grow leaps and bounds within no time from then and in letter and spirit there was no looking back for the school. “We are very happy to see the individual development of the students of our initial batches. They pursued higher education of their choice and settled down in respective careers. What I believe is the real success of our school lies in the success of each and every student to whom we imparted education,” says V. Subhashini, Correspondent of Subha Niketan.

Be it bringing changes in the interpersonal relations of the teachers and students (here in Subha Niketan, the students never call their teachers as madam!) or introducing novel concepts like ‘No Book Day’ (the day on which, students reach the school empty handed!!), they are all incorporated in the school’s culture in a phased manner. “School means not just a construction of bricks and mortar, but a revered place of learning. We are against imposing restrictions, as we believe the knowledge knew no bounds,” explains Ms. Subhashini, the woman behind the institution. ‘Svatanya,’ a film made by the school with its students and staff portraying the nation’s Independence struggle, is a classic example to showcase the values that are being inculcated among its pupils.

“We are changing with the times, but not at the cost of our value system. Not just the staff and students, but the parents too developed special bondage with the school and promoting it the world outside on our behalf,” smiles Janardhan Chowdary, Director of the school. Of course, there is a long way to go!!

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