Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Why Choose Subhaniketan over other CBSE Schools?

Let us first understand what is CBSE. CBSE means Central Board for Secondary Education and it is governed by the national board of our country. All the educational material and teaching methodologies are helpful to the national interests of the country.

Actually, CBSE is considered to be harder than state level boards but it is more student-friendly and very interesting to study. Pursuing education through this board is very beneficial to those who aspire to study higher education in some Nationalized Institutions rather than in State Institutions.

We, at Subhaniketan completely follow the CBSE course structure which is designed to ensure that students do not face any pressure.

Learning is Fun

Our  learning books are made interactive and interesting. Lots of fun activities are included in between the chapters to help students learn in a playful way. For example, if students are learning about Post Office lesson. Then, we will take them to the nearby Post office and help them to see, understand and learn the things.

We believe Practical knowledge is more important than theory. Visual things like field trips, digital class lessons will grab more attention and imprint in their hearts than constrict reading in classrooms.  We take the whole process of conveying knowledge to the students in an efficient and healthy way.

Burden less Exams

Our exams are also very helpful to develop a positive environment for students. All the efforts are taken to ensure that the students actually learn from the entire process. They don’t need to mug up things to pass the exams. The papers are designed in such a way that they test how much the students have learned. Every year our academic results are mostly favorable and very satisfied.

Co-curricular Activities

We not only imparts quality knowledge to the students but also ensures overall physical and mental growth. We introduce the co-curricular activities from 1st standard itself and encourage students to pursue sports, Karate, Dance, and Music alongside studies. It will help the children to have strong physical and mental growth. It also teaches the students to be good citizens of the country and above all good humans.

Future is Secure

We will definitely help your children to get established and strong enough to pursue future studies from a centralized institution like an IIT or AIIMS. By studying primary and secondary education in CBSE board associated organization, your child can get an edge over others and win the competition.

Admissions are in progress for the coming academic year. Contact us today.

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